Rennes. Mobilization against the Labour Law Thursday

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Labour law protests resume on Thursday in Rennes

This is a test day on Thursday for unions opposing the Labour Law. They will try to revive the protests in Rennes, with the desire to avoid violence.

The unions (CGT, FO, FSU …) called on Thursday to protest against the labour law at Rennes. “We ask more withdrawal, since it was passed, but its repeal,” explains Loïc Morel, secretary the departmental union CGT.

Even tone for Fabrice Lerestif, general secretary of FO 35. “While it is never easy to raise a social movement, although many forces are trying to hide the social question by politicians or societal diversions, we will not let go . Our goal remains the repeal of the Labour Act, especially as we know that renunciation be a boulevard for all other bad things that are in the drawers of power. “ Inter’s forces are in the same logic.

Starting at 11 am

The start time of the protest is at 11 am, on the Esplanade Charles de Gaulle, Rennes, for a parade that will follow the Boulevard de la Liberté, the south quays Lamennais and Emile Zola Avenue in January and return to the Charles de Gaulle esplanade for the end of the event.

Unions also plan to set up their own service order, to prevent overflow.

Both the FO than the CGT unions, we do not really like to revive the clashes that marred demonstrations in March to July. “Our goal is the repeal of the Labour Law, nothing else,” repeated Loïc Morel.

The police on guard

from the Side, the security forces in large numbers should be present. At least three companies of CRS and gendarmes will reinforce the intervention teams and sections of the anti-crime brigade mobilised.

Once again, the danger could come from the extreme and anarchy  protesters whose motives go beyond the simple repeal of the Labour Law.

As a precaution, some banks and other places have already boarded up and protected their windows after damages caused in previous protests.  As for members of traditional unions, instructions will avoid mingling with potential rioters.

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