Philips will Eliminate 230 Jobs in France

Phillips has announced the closure of two manufacturing sites in France

Phillips has announced job losses at two production sites in the Ain and the Loir-et-Cher …

A dark day for the employees of Philips. The group will remove 230 jobs over the last two lighting production sites in France, including that of Lamotte-Beuvron (Loir-et-Cher) which is doomed to close, said earlier today, Thursday by a union source.

The source said the management of the Group lighting branch (Philips Lighting) announced on the 24th August to the staff representatives the closure of this site employing 89 employees, as well as the reorganization of one of Miribel (Ain), where 142 jobs ( 260) must be removed to be outsourced in Poland and Spain. A Miribel, “all production will be halted, there will remain only the service innovation and engineering,” she added.

“Employees shocked”

“The project involves an adjustment of industrial organization in France of Philips Lighting,” a project that “has no impact on other activities, that is to say all that is centers of innovation – research and development, among others – everything concerning the logistics and headquarters, “said a spokesman Officer AFP. “At this stage of the project, I can not […] confirm or since has entered a process of information among staff, which started on August 24 with a central committee of business,”  he added.

Management has emphasised the need to “safeguard competitiveness” and discussed a possible plan of voluntary departures, according to the union representative. On both sites, “employees are shocked” and “clearly expect that we should fight to obtain super-statutory redundancy payments up to the previous plan” , “For the moment, the company offers the legal minimum,” the source said.

The restructuring will be a new central works council (CEC) extraordinary Friday at the company’s headquarters in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine), did you learned as a union source that with management.

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