Loire Atlantique: 22 Cows Die from an Overdose of Cereals

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22 cows die after an overdose of cereals after escaping from their enclosure

Blow to a farmer in Couëron, Loire-Atlantique. His forty-six cows escaped from their enclosure, were force-fed grain. Twenty-two have died.

Helpless, helpless, Anthony Vaillant has seen them fall, one after the other. Between Sunday, September 18 and Wednesday 21, the organic dairy farmer, installed in Couëron, in the Loire Atlantique region, lost twenty-two cows from his herd of forty five Prim’Holstein. Twenty-two animals of 600 to 800 kg.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, cattle took advantage of an open gate to escape from their enclosure and go gorging on grain energy supplements stored in the nearby building. They have swallowed in a night, waht they normally have throughout the winter said Anthony Vaillant.  “It’s like an overdose. Consumed in large quantities, these cereals stop the rumen function of the cow. And when the paunch no longer works, the cow becomes intoxicated by herself. “

The vet could not do anything except to see the damage and to care for those who remain. Half of them since the incident gives more milk.

Anthony Vaillant wants to buy cows quickly. Must still be found. Bios which will acclimatize quickly. He tracks and hopes that the farming network will work and with solidarity.

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