Labour Law: Suspected of Hitting a Policeman, a High School Student has been Released

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A student has been released after being detained in May after a policeman got attacked at Labour Law protests

JUSTICE: A high school student was released on Friday after being taken into custody on suspicion of assaulting a police officer during a demonstration against the labor law in May …

He was remanded in custody for “attempted murder” against a police officer during a demonstration in Nantes. A high school student in the criminal record has been released on probation Friday.

A policeman violently assaulted

The prosecutor of Nantes had appealed the order to release the young man on probation, but the investigating chamber has confirmed, welcomed the lawyer of the young man, Me Antoine Barrière, questioned by AFP. “The investigation is continuing,” he added.

During a protest against the Labour Law, May 3 in Nantes, a police officer, who found himself isolated, was attacked by a group of demonstrators. Following a scan, the officer found himself on the ground and was hit in the head with kicks and iron bar.His injuries had required fifteen stitches to the head and face.

He will spend his tray

Questioned at a news event ten days later, the high school student, unknown to police, was indicted for “attempted homicide person holding public authority”.

According to his lawyer, the young man was not part of the group that hit the policeman. The high school has planned to spend the next week the vocational baccalaureate which he was unable to sit in June, Mr. Barrière said.


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