Hollande and Sarkozy share a Plane to attend the Funeral of Shimon Peres

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Hollande and Sarkozy will share plane to the funeral of Shimon Peres

Funeral: The two men had traveled to South Africa separately after the death of Nelson Mandela …

Although the conversation will be slow and awkward, The President and former President of the Republic, Francois Hollande and Nicolas sarkozy, will indeed share a plane to attend the funeral of Shimon Peres, reveals the newspaper, Le Parisien.

This joint trip to Israel aboard the government Falcon 7X was initiated by Hollande’s entourage, the newspaper said, underlining the unprecedented nature of this equipped with a Head of State and his predecessor, potential adversaries in the race for a second term . “One step closer to the staging of their duel,” sighs a socialist “little lover of Hollande” quoted by the local newspaper.

The Elysee stressed his side will respect “the same state of republican spirit” that during the ceremony of homage to the former South African leader Nelson Mandelain December 2013.  At that time, the two men were however in South Africa after traveling separately.

Besides the French duo, Israel expects that on Friday for the funeral of its former President, Barack Obama, German President, Prince Charles and several foreign leaders.


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