Saint Nazaire: He Hunted Pokemon, and Finds a Turtle of 350 kg

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Hunting for Pokemon in Saint-Nazaire, he found a turtle

What a story ! While the 15 year old hunted Pokemon on the beach, he found himself face to face with a leatherback turtle of 350 kilos! The species living in the Caribbean Sea was discovered stranded in Donges, in Loire-Atlantique, Saturday 20 August, by a young man who immediately raised the alarm.

The story

A  leatherback turtle , a species living in the Caribbean Sea, was found beached in Donges (Loire-Atlantique) on the Loire Saturday, August 20 afternoon, a teenager of 15 years, who discovered it while playing hunting for Pokémon with his smartphone.

He immediately raised the alarm.

The officers and municipal officials arrived at the scene found that the animal had died. A large gash on its side suggests a collision with a boat propeller.  “We had to act quickly because the tide was soon to prevent any maneuver,  says an elected Angelica Oliveira.  The Research Center of Marine Mammals of La Rochelle and the mayor gave me their agreement to my husband, a driver, can use his digger to remove the animal from the water and place in the courtyard of the town hall building techniques. “

Monday afternoon, Mathieu Bécot, gamekeeper wildlife and delegated by the La Rochelle Research Center conducted various levies on the body of the turtle.  “I’ve taken a look because the lens will reveal his age. This is a male with a carapace measuring 153 cm. She must weigh between 350 and 400 kg. “ .

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