Olympics 2016 Handball: A Nantaise player in the Handball Final

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Olympics 2016. Nantes player in the handball final

Will Nantaise Estelle Nze Minko return from the Olympics with an Olympic gold medal in women’s handball? Answer on Saturday in the final against Norway or Russia. An amazing experience for one who lives her very first game.

While the French harvest of medals continue at Rio Olympics Games continues, it is the turn of the women handball players to get a ticket to the final. A first in the history of their discipline.

Also a first for Estelle  Nze  Minko, this player, originally from Saint-Julien-de-Concelles, where his family still lives, which is trying to achieve her dream. With, why not, a gold medal to report.

We can believe in any case, and we will follow closely match Saturday against Norway or Russia.It will be “together” as one could read it on his twitter account just before this outstanding game.

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