Jobs in Loire Atlantique: Unemployment up Slightly

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The unemployment figures for the Loire Atlantique have just been released

The number of job seekers increased in July in the department of the Loire Atlantique. But is in decline over the year.

A slower growth

Vincent Ragot analysis as “an economic slowdown after the end of 2015 years and a first quarter high growth.” For the responsible study of employment center Loire Valley, the very good from the beginning of year figures consequential downturn. Over the past three months, increasing the number of job seekers was 0.9% to 0.3% on the month of July.

This increase is nevertheless part of a significant decline of 2.4% in one year. Thus, 64 520 people who did not work (Category A) were registered against 66,130 last year. Including those who exercised reduced activity in July (A, B, C), the number stood at 115,290, against 116,180 last year in the same month.

Gratifying figures for youth

“That’s the positive of the latest figures. ” In one year, the number of jobseekers under 25 years who have not worked decreased by 10.5% and 3.4% this month. Thus, 10 190 young people surveyed have not worked in July. They were 11,380 last year. By adding those who exercised reduced activity, the decrease was 7.1% in one year. They are 18,180 in this situation.

The building trade is still suffering

The truck drivers, truck farming, agricultural workers, computer engineers or IT project managers are jobs where employers have difficulty finding candidates. Conversely, the building trades are always in trouble. “There were many inscriptions at the Pole Emploi to employment in this sector in recent times, a lot of loss of employment salaried”

Evokes Vincent Ragot. This is the case also secretarial occupations, versatile personnel in hospitals, or even cleaners green spaces.

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