Nantes: Blocking Cheviré Bridge, Big Mess for Motorists

Local News
Traffic Disruption at the Chevire Bridge in Nantes, against Labour Law

LABOUR LAW: The bridge was the subject of a filtering dam Thursday morning …

While a new day of action against labour law today, Thursday, is planned with a demonstration at 10.30am on the area of the Atlantis shopping centre, a surprise action created havoc among motorists this morning.

Several protesters have indeed begun to block the bridge Cheviré for about an hour, from 7am. At 8 am, Bison Smart reported over 11 km of traffic jams due to the barrage filter, and traffic was even stopped in the internal sense. According to France Bleu, it was “more than an hour and a half to get out of this overflowing cap on secondary roads and onto the A83 (Niort-Nantes).”  Consequently, unusual jams were reported in the city centre.

In Saint-Nazaire, protesters also invaded the station and rail tracks, causing huge disruption to train traffic.

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