Labour Law: Update on Rallies, Thursday in Rennes

Local News
New protests are planned in Rennes against the Labour Law

New day of action on Thursday at Rennes. Two demonstrations against El Khomri law are held this Thursday, 9th June. Retirees also organize a protest picnic.

The unions (CGT, Solidaires, FSU) is organizing a leafleting campaign in la Poterie area, from 8 am to noon, with a filtering dam also in place, which will obviously cause traffic problems in the area as well. Then, at noon, the unions leave to join the Charles de Gaulle Esplanade. South-Partners AG and Interpro call for their part in a protest site in Brittany, at midday, which will be at the quays to boulevard Laennec to operate the junction with the other procession.  

To the South, the events of Thursday, 9th June in Rennes “will have a special connotation in response to police violence on Sunday 29th May and 2nd June 2016”.  At the call of the trade unions and associations CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires FGR-FP and LSR, retirees will also organize a picnic protest from 11 am, at Place de la Republique, against the Labour law and to “protest against the decline in their purchasing power and government fiscal policy towards them” the statement of the CGT.

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