Euro 2016: Filter Dams, Blocking Bus Depots … Toulouse paralyzed Monday

Local News
Toulouse this morning with more protests against the Labour Law

TRAFFIC Between bus depots blocked by the CGT and the filter dams of the #NuitDebout, the city of Toulouse was blocked on Monday morning, the day of his first match of the Euro …

They had warned that they would conduct blocking actions against the Labour Law, they have kept their promises. Monday morning, the first day of the match at Euro Stadium , Toulouse is paralyzed.


SGC Activists very early in the morning blocked the bus depots, preventing output.

The police proceeded to release around 8 o’clock that of Langlade, challenging two unionists. Those Atlanta and Colomiers should be released in stride.

Filtering Dam by #NuitDebout

Traffic has since resumed gradually.

But access to some lines remained difficult, especially at the airport.


Supporters of the #Nuitdebout protest set up a filtering dam on the side Argoulets, paralyzing much of the traffic on the road.

The closing of access to the Stadium from 10.30 am should not mitigate traffic problems in the city.

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