Calais: Port Stopped for an Hour and a half Because of Migrants in Water

Local News
The ferry port at Calais was closed for an hour and a half due to migrants in the water, trying to board the ferry

MIGRANTS: The traffic resumed shortly before 4am …

They tried to swim to the docks of the car ferries. The traffic of the port of Calais was completely interrupted for an hour and a half in the night from Friday to Saturday because of migrants spotted in the water, we have learned from sources.

The port suspended the departure of the ferries to England, having to remain in their docks until a full search of the water had taken place.  Ferries, coming from Dover, had to wait just outside of Calais, outside of the harbour, said the maritime prefecture of the Channel and the North sea, adding that traffic was interrupted from 2.20am to 3.50am.

Boats and helicopters mobilized

A major search and rescue mechanism was put in place.  Lifeguards, helicopter of the Navy, Customs officers and even fishing boats were involved, the source said.

A migrant finally returned to dock on its own and another was recovered by a rescue boat, said the prefecture, indicating that these two people were given medical treatment on site before being transported to the hospital.

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