Brexit: In London, Voters are “Nervous” or “Hopeful”

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Londoners are anxious and nervous of the outcome of the Brexit Referendum

Approximately five million voters go to the polls on Thursday in the British capital to decide on the continuation or not of the United Kingdom in the European Union …

Early morning, Londoners were calmly directed to the vote of the British capital offices , in an almost gentle drizzle after violent storms of the night. The five million voters London (out of 46 million) are pronounced Thursday on whether to maintain the UK in the European Union (EU).

Torn between fear and hope, most voters say they are relieved that the big day is finally here. The campaign was long . After the assassination of the MP Jo Cox , pro and anti camps Brexit have suspended their campaigns for a few days before flare their activities and fierce debate.

“I’m a little worried but I hope that people will come to their senses”

“I am a bit worried. I hope that people will come to their senses after this campaign, “muttered Jim, who sports a” Labour In “sticker (the Labour Party, whose leader Jeremy Corbyn supports the maintenance in the EU). “If there is a Brexit, I will renew my Irish passport,” he said, nervously tweaking his voter card.

“This country deserves a fresh start”

Anxiety is not the exclusive preserve of supporters Remain. In the pro-Brexit camp, nervousness is palpable. “This country deserves a fresh start. There are too many people in this country, “says Frances, a sexagenarian. In its wake, a young woman says she had also voted Leave no wish to speak further on the subject.

Jessica, forty pro-Remain (to “stay” in the EU) , frowns on leaving the polling station St. Pancras area of London. “I’m nervous,” she coward. Jonathan has also voted to maintain in the Union, but it is more optimistic. “I am hopeful we will remain a member of the 28” whispers the young man.

A couple more prolix elderly fate of the polling station. “I am delighted that we finally gave me a chance to say what I think, it’s been years that I say we should fuck the EU’s court! [ Get the F *** out of EU in original], “smiles a toothless old man in front of the polling station. And if Remain tops? “Life goes on,” he replies.

A long and grueling campaign

After weeks of high-profile political debates, the choice was not easy for all voters.”I’m skeptical. My head was telling me to vote a certain way, and my heart to another, “says Shane, eager to get to the office.

Many people fear that whatever the outcome of the referendum, the country is no longer the same. “These campaign months have called into question the unity of the United Kingdom so-called” observes Sean, 29.

According to a local resident who supervises the voting in the polling station, the crowd is greater than what was observed in past elections. “We were distributed more ballots than usual.” The participation rate, which should not be known before this night will be crucial. “I’m really glad I saw young people in the polling station,” says Jake. Rather pro-Remain in the polls, youth is less quick to move to vote, at least in the general election. Voters have until 22 hours on Thursday to go to the polls.


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