Normandy: Fuel Shortage Threatens in Some Sectors

Local News
There are some shortages for fuel in the Normandy due to blockages of the refineries

After the blockages that have caused difficulties to supply service stations, fuel delivery should resume, although could remain difficult.

Seine-Maritime prefecture is on alert on fuel sourcing difficulties noted above in the Le Havre region and the whole department. “On Tuesday early evening, fuel operators were warned by distributors the possibility of delivery in the night or morning and replenishments are already underway ” , announced the State services. at midday, the prefecture notes that in Le Havre, 25% of stations have been resupplied; In Rouen, 50% have not been delivered and the refinery Rubis is completely blocked. Oil distributors are seeking solutions for deliveries for Paris.

Requisition Eure

Evreux and Eure have starting to be impacted. The Eure prefecture issued an order for the department that 33 service stations, which have an agreement with the prefecture, reserve 25% of their stock of fuel for priority and emergency vehicles.  Seine Maritime Prefecture says “mobilized and very attentive to the evolution of the situation.” Should difficulties persist, Nicole Klein, Reeve of the Normandy region, prefect of the Seine-Maritime, and Rene Bidal, Eure announce that they could take other measures “most suitable for the situation.” .

And in Calvados ?

In a tweet posted on Wednesday afternoon, the prefect of Calvados is reassuring.

In Calvados, “some stations, located in the east of the department, and that depend on the Le Havre for their supplies are dry” , assured Benedict Pichard, Chief of the Prefecture of Calvados.  No fuel depot in Caen is blocked and it is mainly the fear that is causing the consumer to make a “surge” in some stations, according to Mr. Pichard.

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