Marseille: The Apple Store Opens at Terraces du Port

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New Apple store opening in Marseille

ECONOMY: The shop will open Saturday morning at 10 am …

Apple opens its 20th Apple Store in France on Saturday morning at Terrasses du Port, in Marseilles.  Fans of the brand awaited the inauguration for months.  Like every opening, it is expected to attract hundreds of curious shoppers that will test all of Apples devices. The sales area of 500 m2 is located on the second floor of the mall and offers views of the sea.  As in Aix-en-Provence, the “walls” of the shop are made of glass to enhance its devices and attract passers by.

Surrounded by rumours for months, the opening of the Apple Store is primarily an event for Terrasses du Port celebrating their two years of operation. Property of the British group Hammerson has invested over 460 million euros in its construction, the commercial centre of the Joliette offers 61 000 m2 of retail space. He drew in its first year of operation nearly 12 million people, according to figures from the management.

Targets Reached

“This is a sign that is instead intended for him from the beginning”, says Sandra Chalinet. fulfillment qualified and even “icing on the cake” of this second anniversary, the arrival of Apple was however very long to materialize. But “neither the Hammerson group, nor does Apple want to speak on this subject,” she says.

Two years after opening, the Terrasses du Port are close to their targets, she said.The commercial vacancy does not exceed 5% of retail space and the turnover affects only 10% of businesses. Revenues for the second year of operation amounted to 280 million euros. The target for the third year is 350 million euros. “We are on track,” says the director.

Complementary Docks

According to her, in addition to the “targets reached” this Spring, H & M, Zara or Citadium, most other shops also fulfill their goals. “Only 10 to 12% does not do it because they have not found their customers,” she says before noting the “context” of last winter, including the attacks in Paris.

The opening of the Docks, a new shopping centre across the street, not competition but the Terraces “offers a complementary,” she concludes. It opened last summer has even contributed to the increase in attendance of 20% Terraces.

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