Labour Law: Strike Voted in Le Havre Oil Terminal which handles 40% of French Imports

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The oil terminal at le Harve, that handles 40 percent of oil imports has voted to go on strike against Labour law

Le Harve oil terminal has voted to go on strike against Labour law …

The strike is spreading to oil sites. The staff of Compagnie industrielle et maritime (CIM), the oil terminal of the port of Le Havre , which handles 40% of French imports, voted on Monday night to strike, we have learned from staff members.

In this company of about 260 employees, where the CGT was the only union , the strike was voted by an overwhelming majority of 95% of the vote to request the withdrawal of the Labour Law, the sources said. “The management and union representatives are meeting to discuss the conditions of the work stoppage”.

Strike in the refineries

The CIM is the only crossing point for crude oil, and Le Havre  represents 40% of French imports. With two terminals, one at le Havre itself and another at cap d’Antifer, a little further north, the CIM receives oil tankers arriving by sea. It stores crude oil and fuels the two big refineries of Total in Gonfreville-Orcher and ExxonMobil in Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon, a little upstream of the Seine. The Total refinery, the first in France, has stopped since last week. That of Exxon, the second of the country, could also be stopped if staff vote for strike action on Tuesday.

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