Fuel Shortage: Valls Denounced Extortion on Part of the CGT

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Manuel Valls denounced the "blackmail" of part of the CGT about the fuel shortage

Manuel Valls denounced the “blackmail” on part of the CGT, that blocks fuel sites to protest against the labour law …

“I call on the French to yield to no panic”, the prime minister told reporters, urging motorists not to rush into petrol stations in anticipation of possible shortages, and stating that “consumption this past weekend (had) been three times higher than average “.  The tone has raised a notch on Monday between the government and opponents of the labour law, the CGT union, intending to harden their movement by new blockages of refineries and fuel depots, which are becoming epicenters of protest and described as “illegitimate” by the finance minister Michel Sapin.  “Great firmness”,”I want to once again reassure the French, to tell them that the state is to show great firmness so that there is no fuel shortage ” , said the head of the government.  ” We will continue to act to break the deadlock. Other sites, other deposits will be released “, he added, without specifying which ones. 

He assured he is monitoring the situation “with great attention” from Israel and the Palestinian territories, where on Tuesday, he will finish a three-day visit. He recalled that a “monitoring unit had been set up since Saturday to monitor the situation” , which is “under control”According to him, “there may be challenges, they may be legitimate, but we can not accept blackmail on fuel “

“I will not hide my concern facing the drift of the CGT or part of it, it does not serve the country” , blasted Mr. Valls. For him, “What is unacceptable is to impose this blackmail” 

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