Fuel: Government Confirms the Use of Strategic Stocks

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The government is to use strategic fuel stocks to relieve fuel shortage

The Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal, confirmed …

The Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal, confirmed on Wednesday that the government had tapped into its strategic reserves of petroleum products and said the equivalent of three days of inventory of 115 available had been used until now.

These punctures “allowed to respond more quickly to delivery targets a particular region because these stocks are scattered throughout the territory and when we were faced with deposits that were blocked (…) we used these stocks in a way that remains relatively marginal “, has he said just outside the cabinet.

The president of the French Union of Petroleum Industries (UFIP), Francis Duseux, said earlier in the morning that France, facing the fuel supply problems, started “two days” to use its reserves.

“Our main problem to date is to continue to send a maximum of trucks to deliver gas stations since consumption yesterday and the day before yesterday is roughly the equivalent of three times the usual consumption,” noted Mr. Vidal.

This “problem of logistics,” explains particular he said that “a little over 40% of the stations are in difficulty” in the Paris region.

According mobile “Petrol fuel comparator” 4.026 stations in total are “more or less in fuel shortages,” said its co-founder, Pierre Auclair. “It’s very complicated in the West, it becomes denser in the Paris region and throughout the Rhone valley to the Mediterranean is affected,” he added.

The government has taken steps to try to resolve the situation, including releasing “eleven deposits since the beginning of the crisis,” Vidal said.

The Secretary of State also issued an order authorizing oil transporters to derogate from the time of rules of driving and rest periods in order to facilitate the supply of fuels.

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