Rennes: Attention, Road Works, Traffic Disrupted

Local News

From Monday 18 to Sunday 24 April, the city of Rennes and Rennes metropolis undertake work modifying traffic.

From Monday  18 to Friday 22  April the road is narrowed Rue Saint Martin between rue d’Antrain and street Cochardière to allow the exploratory work of the future line b of the metro.

From Tuesday 19 to Thursday 21 April , the rue de Chatillon will be closed to traffic between boulevard Clemenceau and rue Théophile Busnel, under the erasure of grid work. from the south of the street of Châtillon, motorists can borrow the boulevard Émile-Combes, Bigot de Préameneu Street and the Jacques-Cartier boulevard. from the north of the street of Châtillon, motorists can bypass the work via the Jacques-Cartier boulevard, the street of Alma and the boulevard Clemenceau. from Tuesday 19 to Wednesday 20 April , the street Chalotais will be closed to traffic between rue de Nemours and Jean-Denis Lanjuinais Street for road repairs. drivers will bypass the work using the street Nemours the Freedom boulevard and Place de Bretagne.

From Wednesday 20 to Thursday 21 April the Dinan Street will be closed to traffic between rue de Saint-Malo and driveway G. Chauvin to allow repairs to road. from the street of Saint-Malo, motorists can reach the south of rue de Dinan via the Maréchal-de-Lattre-Tassigny boulevard, the bridge and the Legraverend Legraverend. ruealso …Until Friday, April 22, the Albert-Aubry street is closed to traffic in the eastbound to allow gas network renewal work. Since the course of the Allies, motorists can reach the avenue Janvier via Boulevard Magenta and Boulevard of Freedom. Until Friday 29 April, the Saint-Cast pass is closed to traffic to allow the development of a new two-way cycle track between boulevard Chézy and Place Foch. Motorists should take the Saint-Cast dock and Jouaust crossroads for the boulevard Chézy.

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