Nantes: The Protests Escalates, the Carnival Night Postponed

Local News
Clashes in Nantes between Protesters and Police have caused the carnival to be cancelled

More than 2,600 people demonstrated Saturday in Nantes, before new clashes erupt in the city centre …

The mobilization was large, and because of violent clashes, the carnival is cancelled for tonight.  While more than 2,600 people (15,000 according to the CGT union) took to the streets of Nantes to again protest against the proposed Labour bill by the Minister El Khomri, incidents and violent clashes have been reported again in the Parade. The appointment this Saturday had originally been organized on the l’île de Nantes, at 2pm, to avoid disturbances in the city centre, but the procession was still crossing the Loire by mid afternoon heading for the Town Centre..


Once there, many urban and street furniture items were broken or burned.  In head to head confrontation with protestors, the police have several times used their tear gas and water cannons. The demonstrators were still not dispersed at 5pm..

The parade tonight will not take place

The consequence of this misbehaviour and disturbances, the night of the carnival parade, scheduled this Saturday from the l’île Gloriette was cancelled. This is what has announced by the mayor Johanna Rolland on her Facebook page. “A new date will be set with the carnival,” said the mayor.

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