Local Taxes: The Town of Mayenne will not Raise Rates

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The council of the town of mayenne have decided not to raise local taxes next year

Thursday, March 31, at the town council, elected voted the 2016 budget Mayenne. It provides nearly € 4 million investment despite lower provisions.

Should we increase the local tax rate of 2%, 5% or keep the same? This is the question posed to the elected members of the town for nearly six months. This issue was decided on Thursday night during the budget vote, the council: there will be no increase in rates of council tax and property tax on buildings and non-buildings.

Two elements behind this decision: a surplus in the 2015 budget of just over 3.27 million, notably due to deferred projects and an investment program amounted to € 3.9 million. “These figures are important because they explain why we have chosen not to raise rates, ” says the mayor, Michel Angot. ” Yet there is a real difficulty, says Jean-Pol Lesaint.

There is a squeeze of risk “, that is to say that theTown spending rising faster than revenues. Especially as the municipal team is willing to invest each year 2.45 million euros until the end of the mandate, while government grants fall further this year. “To compensate, he would increase the taxation of seven points, “says Michel Angot, who also believes that” in 2017 and 2018 could be difficult years. So do not think we relaxed our efforts. “

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