Le Mans: Nearly 1,500 Protesters against the Labour Law

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More than 1500 people attended the protests in Le Mans against the proposed Labour Law

At the invitation of the unions CGT, FSU, FO, Solidaires and UNEF, over a thousand people marched Saturday in the city centre of Le Mans …

Nearly 5 000 people were mobilized on the 31st March in Le Mans against the reform of the labour code. They were 3 times less this time around. Nearly 1,500 people beat the pavement in the rain on Saturday morning to the call of the departmental unions CGT, FSU, FO, Solidaires and UNEF …

1500 Protestors in the Streets of Le MansThe gathering was set at 11 am at the convention center. The procession first headed to the station before entering the rue du Bourg Bele, then the national road to join the prefecture. On one side of the angry slogans “time is rotten, the government also.”   From the other a sling that is expressed in songs “Young people in the galley, the old in misery. In this society we do “not want”.

Some of the protestors in Le mansThroughout the parade, one requirement proclaimed in unison is the abandoning of the El Khomri law . “This is an unprecedented social regression. This bill is not negotiable and not amendable. it must be removed, “ insisted Cedric Levazeux, on behalf of the unions before the dispersal of the demonstration.

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