labour law: The Route of the Protest on Thursday in Nantes

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Route of the protest against the proposed labour law in Nantes

Trade unions, organizers of the demonstration, announced a new route to avoid too much disturbance to the city centre …

” You can not pass rue du Strasbourg, in front of l’Hotel Ville and to the extent possible, we chose to wide avenues. ”

Obviously, disruptions are expected on networks Lila and Semitan. 17% of the operating crew transport of Nantes should follow suit. The entire network will operate in times of school holidays, with the exception of the tram line 1, line 4 of busway and some buses.

During the parade, the Semitan warns of risk of cuts on these lines, between 10 am and 19 pm. For trams: line 1 could be cut between Gare Maritime and Bouffay; Line 2 between Fifty Hostages and Gare de Pont-Rousseau; and line 3 between Britain and Hotel Dieu. As for Chronobus, the C1 line (between Copernicus and Foch Cathedral); C2 (terminus at Talensac); C3 (cut between Copernicus and Gare SNCF-South); C6 (between Delorme and Foch Cathedral). Buses will also be affected: line 11 (terminus Copernicus to the west and Foch Cathedral to the east); line 12 (cut between Talensac and Foch Cathedral); line 23 (between Copernicus and Talensac); line 26 (between Gaston Veil and Delorme); line 54 (terminus at Delorme); and Airport Shuttle (terminus at Gare SNCF-South).

The lines of the departmental network will make their last stop from 9 am to 30 poles following exchanges: Cardo (lines 10, 10E, 11, 22 and Lila 1 st ); Haluchère (lines 46, 48 and 60); Beauséjour (lines 20 and 71); White House (line 50) and Pirmil (lines 1, 3, 12, 180 and 270/290). In the end, return to the esplanade of the elephant, where a rally is announced.

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