Toulouse: The Gendarmes Intercepted two Ponies …

Local News
Gendarmes round up two escaped poneys in Toulouse

The animals wandered across Balma Street …

This is the core story of the Easter weekend and the gendarmes of the Haute-Garonne could not resist to share it on Facebook.  An unusual scene took place on Sunday inthe road of Balma street, on the eastern edge of Toulouse .

Residents and motorists found themselves face to face, on a fairly busy road, with a pair of unusual intruders, rather unexpected; two ponies actually.

A chase of 500 metres

Alerted, the Gendarmerie brigade in  Balma immediately went to intercept the two poneys. The gendarmes took a little time to get hold of them with a 500 metre chase, eventually managing to gain control of them and return them to their owners.  An investigation of the site that they were placed at, revealed a small hole that they had managed to make their escape through.

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