Tides: Very High Tides Expected until Friday

Local News
High tides are expected on the coasts this week.

A new episode of high tide begins on the Atlantic coast, the English Channel and the Opal Coast with particularly high tides …

The phenomenon is repeated every month, with more or less intensity. Three days of high tides are expected along the Atlantic coast, the coast of the Channel and the Opal Coast from Wednesday.  Particularly important high tides, the highest since September 2015, are available: up to 115 and 116 (on a scale of 120) Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday, the rating will be 112.

Call for caution

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the foot fishing enthusiasts will be thousands on the coast at low tide the next few hours, especially on the wild Brittany coast. The curious should also be waiting for you to admire the spectacle of the waves, accentuated by the breaking gale over western France since last night.

That’s why the prefectures of the relevant departments multiply Precautionary messages to the population. The risk of wave-submersion is real. The Brittany coast and Manchegan has also been placed in amber alert by Météo France until Wednesday night. The risk of being caught by the tide is at its maximum.


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