Summertime. An Hour Less of Sleep, Sunday Morning

General News
Summertime starts sunday morning with clocks going forward by one hour

Tonight, we change to Summertime! At 2am, it will become 3am.  As every year, the transition to summer time means we lose an hour of sleep.

In the early hours of Sunday at 2am, Summertime starts and you must change your clocks to 3am. It  of course means that we lose an hour of sleep.  These time changes came into force in 1976, following the oil shock of 1973-1974.  The next transition to winter time will take place Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 3am.  The objective of this yearly ritual, is match the best hours of activities with the hours of sunlight to limit the use of artificial lighting.
Since 1998, the time change dates are harmonized within the European Union. In all member countries, the transition to daylight saving time occurs on the last Sunday in March and the one in the winter time on the last Sunday of October.

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