Rennes: A woman in a Burqa Arrested in a Bus

Local News
In Rennes a woman dressed in a Burqa was arrested

A woman in a burqa and with glasses completely hiding her face and carrying a suitcase was arrested on a bus by police Thursday afternoon at Rennes.

Thursday afternoon, around 4.30pm, a bus on line 57 in Rennes, that was coming from Saint-Jacques-de-la- Lande. The driver sees a woman come onto his vehicle, with her face covered, wearing a burqa, glasses and holding a suitcase. “As part of the increased vigilance, we have told our drivers to report suspicious behavior,” says the transport service of the Rennes area.  A patrol of the anti-crime brigade intercepted the bus, on Mermoz Avenue.  Traffic was stopped on the junction and the police, who were armed, entered the bus to detain the suspect.

Nothing suspicious

Nothing suspicious was found in her suitcase.  She was taken to the police station and the bus left half an hour later. For the record, the wearing of the burka and the full veil is banned in public places in France since 11 April 2011.

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