Nicolas Thery, New Boss to Credit Mutuel

Nicolas Thery is the new boss of the Credit Mutuel Bank

Credit Mutuel Monday held a general meeting, during which Nicolas Thery succeeded Michel Lucas as head of the banking group.

Michel Lucas, historical pattern of mutual banking group, is no longer the president of the National Confederation of Credit Mutuel (CNCM). This morning he gave his seat to Nicolas Thery after the General Assembly of the National Confederation of the Crédit Mutuel. Event. No surprise. The new leader was tipped to this highest office.
The dolphin had anyway already succeeded his mentor early in the year as President of the Federation Centre Est Europe. Other brand appointment: that of Pascal Durand, head of Crédit Mutuel until Maine-Anjou, Basse-Normandie. He became the CEO of the CNCM, central member of the group.

CM Arkéa vote against the reform.

Moreover, in order to meet the demands of the supervisory authorities and the ECB, the General Assembly endorsed the reform of the statutes of the structure head of Crédit Mutuel, a majority of 85.6% of the vote. Opposed to this reform, the CM Arkéa (CMA), which includes Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne, Southwest and Massif Central, voted against. The Confederation remains an association. She wanted to enter cooperative and credit institution. But CM Arkéa, fearing for their autonomy, received on January 19 the Paris Court the cancellation of the first act of this structural change.

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