Gas Prices and Taxis, employment center, PEL … All that will change on March 1

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Gas tarriffs, cost of taxis in Paris, registering for employment are amongst the changes for March

Everything that will change in March …

Further decline in the price of gas, flat rates for taxi rides between Paris and the Paris region airports, transition to digital for employment center or automatic extension of housing savings plans (PEL): several novelties will apply from the 1st March.  And other changes will follow at the end of the month.

A flat rate between Paris and the Paris airports

No more nasty surprises with strokes that can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. From the 1st March, the taxis will apply a fixed flat rate  for all direct runs between Paris and the Paris Orly and Roissy Charles de Gaulle.

Here are the new pricing:

– 30 euro between Orly airport and Paris left bank,

– 35 euros between Orly airport and Paris right bank,

– 50 euros between Charles-de-Gaulle airport and Paris right bank,

– 55 euros between Charles-de-Gaulle airport and Paris left bank.

The price of the supplement charged when booking will also be fixed, regardless of the distance covered during the journey: 4 euros for immediate booking and 7 euros for early booking.

More good news: Paris taxis will no longer have the right to charge supplements for luggage, but can claim 4 euros for every additional passenger from the 5th.

Further decline in gas prices

The decline continues. The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) announced in the last few days: for the sixth consecutive month, regulated gas tariffs charged by Engie (formerly GDF Suez) will again fall to 3.22% (excluding tax) on average from 1 March. A decrease of 15.4% on average since 1 January 2015, assessed the CRE. Good news for the 6.4 million customers with gas, which will save 1.1% to 3.3% on average depending on their use.

Employment Centres: the obligation to register online extended to the whole of France

These were the last five territories not yet have switched, but as of March 1, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Brittany, Île-de-France, Guadeloupe and Martinique move to the new system online registration of employment centre.

To register on the list of job applicants and apply for benefits, people looking for work will have access to an internet computer and a scanner (to provide the supporting documents). Those that are not equipped or not used will still visit their office to register online and receive necessary assistance.

Automatic extension of home savings plan (PEL)

Holders of PEL open from 1 March 2016 (including remuneration fell 1.5% gross on 1 February 2016), will now benefit from automatic renewal of their contracts to maturity.  Previously, according to the desired investment period (4 to 10 years) and the terms of the contract, they sometimes returned to the holder of the PEL to express its desire to renew it.  As of 1 March is the bank to inform by mail the owner of the PEL approach each maturity at least one month before the anniversary date.  The holder who wishes to terminate his plan will then inform the bank at least five days before the anniversary date, otherwise the PEL will be extended for one year. This provision will apply to all PEL from the 1st July.

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