Côte d’Azur: Primark in Cagnes-sur-Mer to boost attendance Polygone Riviera

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The new primark store in the French Riviera, has boosted trade at the shopping centre

The shopping centre, opened five months ago should benefit from the arrival of the Irish company …

Queues and crowds. The opening of the first store of Primark on the French Riviera, their seventh store in France, brought crowds on Friday to the Polygone Riviera.

Five months after its opening, the commercial centre of Cagnes-sur-Mer should take advantage of the expected arrival of the Irish retailer. “For the moment, the centre has not yet taken off, anonymously let slip the head of a restaurant chain. Sometimes it’s very, very quiet. ”

Having surpassed the two million visitors by year’s end, attendance would have slowed with the winter. “When it rains, people shun the store, but it still manages to catch up on Friday and Saturday, said Francois Fernandes, head of the Hylton shoe store.  But we are still happy. ”

The crowd was packed after store opening

“You could expect more in terms of turnover, acknowledges Franck Jung, manager hairdresser Claude Maxime. But it takes time to settle and retain customers. ”

The owner of the centre, has stated that the new store would help ensure an increase in attendance to the centre.  “It is consistent with our cash goals,” stated Pierre Raymond, director of operations at Socri.  After the great figures of the inauguration of the centre, the influx has necessarily decreased. This also reflects our concept of an open air shopping centre. ”

Clearly, the arrival of spring should allow traders to be reassured.  Meanwhile, they can continue to benefit from the Primark effect “which cultivates the exclusive side of the place,” boasts Peter Raymond.

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