Bombings in Brussels: France takes new Measures to Strengthen Security

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Bernard Cazeneuve announces stronger security measures for France after the attacks in Brussels

A few hours after the explosions in Brussels, the French government has taken on Tuesday new security measures …

“The threat level is extremely high.” The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who had already strengthened Saturday night the security arrangements put in place in France, has just firmed it up again. He presented this Tuesday, new measures at the exit of a crisis meeting at the Elysee Palace just two hours after the first explosions occurred at the Brussels airport.  It was attended, besides the Minister of the Interior, President François Hollande, Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. The main decisions taken.

Attentats à Bruxelles: Bernard Cazeneuve…

1,600 additional police and gendarmes

The government decided to allocate additional 1,600 police and gendarmes to not only control borders but also transport infrastructure, whether air, sea or rail. Some patrols of the Sentinel operation will be redirected to include new sites.  These teams are in addition to 5,000 police and gendarmes already mobilized over 220 points of border controls. In four months they have checked “6 million people” and “10,000 individuals were prevented from entering French territory,” said Bernard Cazeneuve.

Transport, priority 1

Bernard Cazeneuve asked all the prefects to strengthen security in railway stations, public transport, airports and ports. Including Ile-de-France where additional 400 police and gendarmes are affected in Roissy and Orly airports, subways, railway stations, in public spaces and in restricted areas (runways, baggage handling, etc. .).Six hundred are affected in the same places on the rest of the country.

New rules for access to transport

To access the areas of public transport, Bernard Cazeneuve says that “citizens must now present a travel document or an identity document.” RATP, SNCF and other operators of transit traffic are expected to make regular announcements in this direction. The “measures of checks and pat-downs will intensify,” still provides the Minister of the Interior.

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