Argenteuil: The Arrest of a Man Helps Thwart an Attack

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Searches and "clearance operations" were ongoing Thursday night in a building of Argenteuil (Val-d'Oise)

A planned attack was thwarted in Argenteuil, announced Bernard Cazeneuve. Explosives were discovered at the home of the arrested man.

The officers of the Directorate of Internal Security (RPS) conducted on Thursday morning a “major inquiry” in Argenteuil which allowed “to defeat a planned attack in France which was at an advanced stage of planning” , says Minister Interior Bernard Cazeneuve.

French Man Arrested

The man arrested, who is French, “is suspected of being involved at a high level in this project. It evolves in a terrorist network that planned to strike our country ” , he added.

No links with Paris or Brussels

“No tangible evidence links this project to the attacks of Paris and Brussels”, the minister said in a statement to the press. The searches and “clearance operations” were ongoing Thursday night at a building in Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise) as part of the investigation conducted under the authority of an anti-terrorist magistrate.  According to a police source, the explosives were discovered at the home of the arrested man.

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