70 Cars Found in a Barn in Brittany

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70 vintage cars have been discovered in a barn in Morbihan

More than 70 old cars have just been discovered in an abandoned barn of Morbihan (56).

The story repeats itself.  A few months after the discovery of the Baillon collection and a few days after the discovery of 50 old Renault in Denmark, a new automotive treasure comes to surface.This time in the Brittany countryside. Specifically in an abandoned barn and dusty Cléguérec, Morbihan. The young heir to the land has in fact got hold of a collection of old vehicles who slept there for decades. In total, more than 70 rooms, two and four wheels, but also pedal cars!

A great diversity

“This is a genuine barn find, as we imagine,” he told Jack-Philippe Ruellan, the auctioneer who visited there. The menu mainly popular vehicles from 1920 to 1970. Many Peugeot especially with a convertible 404 1964 (photo), the 201, 202, 203 and 204, but also with Citroën 2CV Az Sie 1957 (doors suicide) and C2 of 1923. Not to mention a Triumph TR3 20T3 1961, a Jeep Hotchkiss M201 1967, a Renault Torpedo of 1927, Ariane 5 and Simca of or Honda N600 and S800 Coupe. “here we have a beautiful diversity of cars but also Vespa, Solex, Mini-Comtesse and funny pedal cars. Nothing exceptional but the parts that can be very good catering basis, “said Mr. Ruellan our colleagues Telegram .

Sale on March 26

Sheltering in a warehouse downtown Vannes (56), this collection will be dusted then be presented to the public before being offered at auction next March 26 from 14:30 to hotel sales Vannes (Exhibitions: Thursday, March 24 from 14h 18h, Friday, March 25 from 9am 12pm and 14h 18h, Saturday, March 26 from 9am to 12pm). Estimates range from tens to several thousand. Any takers … Learn all about this sale and discover its catalog, visit the website of the auction house Jack-Philippe Ruellan here

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