Toulouse: The Presence of Rats in a School create Panic of Parents

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Parents of a school in Toulouse are demanding action after the presence of Rats

Parents blocked the entrance of a public school to announce the presence of rats. Treatment by the city is being …  

Many students of the Louise-Michel school in the Toulouse neighborhood of La Faourette skipped school on Monday. Some parents have in effect blocked the entrance to the facility at 8:30 am to report the presence of rats, especially in children’s dormitories.

Rats found in the dormitories of Louise-Michel school in Toulouse
Rats found in the dormitories of Louise-Michel school in Toulouse

Presence detected late January

Presence of rodents that the town does not deny. “In late January, early February, we found that the bait had been eaten, we put rat poison in secure areas where children do not have access, including false ceilings. Rats have been found and we went to rat extermination and cleaning phase by the city’s health services, “says Marion Lalanne Laubadère , deputy mayor in charge of education for which ” there is no need to close the school. ”

The elected assure to reassure parents that “the bed sheets were changed daily and that information about all running processes took place.” She will be at the school this Friday with doctor’s from communal hygiene and health service of the municipality” to answer any questions the parents.”

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