Rennes, Best French City for Quality of Life

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Rennes Awarded First French City for quality of life

The city ranks 28th place in Europe …

Rennes wins the national title this time.  Able to monopolize the first place of the ranking of “cities in which to live.”  According to research at the European level by the European Commission , the Breton capital is the city best placed by its inhabitants. 95% of respondents consider themselves well “satisfied” to live in their city.

From a more global perspective, Rennes was ranked 28th in its class out of 80 at a European level. In first place was Zürich, Switzerland, who won the most votes before the Norwegian capital Oslo and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Bordeaux were voted at 33rd place  and Strasbourg was 40th, so are also well classified but not Marseille, which is placed in the 77th spot out of 80 , showing that 20% of respondents “dissatisfied” to live in Marseille.

Several criteria were used for this survey as the quality of schools, public transport, supply shops or care, the quality of public spaces ..

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