Massive Recall of Mars bars, Snickers and Milky Way

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Mars, Snickers, Milky way and celebrations are being recalled in France, due to Safety Fears

France, Belgium, England, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain: the chocolate giant Mars has ordered on Tuesday a massive recall of chocolate bars.

The chocolate giant Mars, today, Tuesday ordered a massive recall of chocolate bars and sweets in France, including brands Mars and Snickers, after a consumer has found “a small piece of plastic” in a product group. The recall concerns bars Mars and Snickers and candy “Celebrations”, according to a press release.  The group also said it was to recall some of its products in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, Italy and Spain, but with different references in different countries.

Isolated Incident

“An isolated incident” in France, the recall affects Mars bars with the use-by date (DLC) between September 4th and October 16th, 2016, Snickers (DLC between 3rd July and 21st August 2016), miniature packets of Milky way (DLC between July 10th and September 11th, 2016) and sweets “Celebrations” (DLC between June 19th and August 21st, 2016), according to a press release in France by Mars.  According to the group,“this is an isolated incident and strictly limited, involving only the products mentioned above. No other format, number or variety of chocolate bars is affected by this recall “ .  It is advised consumers who purchased one of these products ” do not consume “ and contact customer service by phone or internet.  Mars Chocolate France “regrets the inconvenience for consumers of its chocolate bars that could be affected by this recall”.

A very long production range

In Germany, the recall affects all Mars bars and Snickers, the Milky Way Mini and Miniatures and some candy “Celebrations” whose expiry date is from 19 June 2016 and 8 January 2017, according to a March release Germany.  according to the Dutch agency ANP, quoting a subsidiary of Mars in the Netherlands, a recall on these products is also applicable in this country.  “We want to avoid that customers who bought one of these products consume them,” according to the German press, “we deliberately chose a very long production range to ensure all potentially affected products will be recalled “ .  consumers in possession of offending bars are invited to come forward with Mars, by phone or Internet.  The company’s website, however, was not available Tuesday at midday.

10 million Bars of chocolate per day

Mars Inc. is a giant US agribusiness, unlisted, known for its chocolate bars but that manufactures also other food products, including rice and pasta, and pet food.  German factory group in Viersen (west) produces daily some 10 million chocolate bars of different brands.

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