Fercé: One killed and Two Seriously Injured in a Head-on Collision

Local News
Serious road accident in Fercé leaves one dead and several injured

The frontal collision between three vehicles was of unusual violence on Friday at 5pm.  Seven people were involved. The toll was heavy: one killed, two seriously injured.

The exact circumstances that led to this accident are not yet known.  This Friday night shortly after 5 pm, three vehicles collided on the main road  D178 at Fercé, on the border between the Loire-Atlantique and Ille-et-Vilaine. The initial accident report is not good with a man of 41 years pronounced dead on the scene. Three girls were inside the vehicle. One of them, aged 10, was seriously injured. The other two, 12 and 15, were slightly injured.  In the second vehicle, a person of 51 years was slightly injured. The two occupants of the third car were injured.  The injured were taken to the hospital of Angers and Chateaubriant.

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