Calais: A Three Metre Python Found in a Bag

Local News
Firefighters came to recover the Burmese Python in Calais

The Calais firefighters faced an unusual discovery on Feb. 2 …

The python was, fortunately, a little numb with cold.  A snake of three meters long, weighing six kilos, was recovered by firefighters in Calais on the evening of February 2nd, reports the Voix du Nord.  The animal was left in a bag in the zone des Terres de Saint-Roch, a natural space arranged around an old gravel pit.

The lawful owner had no mandatory certificate

The reptile, which could be an albino Burmese python, was collected by the League of Animal Protection (LPA). According to the first elements collected by Nord Littoral, the python was stolen from its owner. The latter had two, but according to the Animal Protection League, the stolen python was not stated in the rules.

Legislation on pets requires the owner of this type of reptile, which can become dangerous stifling prey to previously passed a proficiency certificate (CDC) with the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DSV).

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