Auto-entrepreneurs: Government wants to Smooth the Effects of Threshold, not Triple the Ceiling, according Sapin

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Finance Minister michel sapin has explained how the new thresholds for Auto-Entrepreneurs will work

Finance Minister Michel Sapin said Wednesday that …

Finance Minister Michel Sapin said Wednesday that his bill provided to smooth the effects of the threshold for auto-entrepreneurs not tripled the ceiling to qualify for this status, as had been mentioned in the press.

“The idea advanced by some employers’ organizations, not by Mr Macron is to significantly increase the ceiling,” Mr Sapin said in the program “info Questions” on LCP / France Info / AFP / The world.

“This vision is not that of the government,” he assured, adding that it was not “that of craftsmen organizations, traders see a devaluation of their work and setting up of a competition which is unfair competition. ”

“What is now proposed to the State Council and will be in the bill in some time (…) it is a provision that called threshold effects,” explained M. Sapin. “It is not legitimate to triple the threshold,” he added.

Beyond a certain turnover, the contractor must indeed change from auto-entrepreneur status, which enjoys a tax and simplified social system, that of classic entrepreneur.  This threshold is currently set at 32,300 euros.

According to press reports, this issue has sparked debate in Bercy, the Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron defending the tripling of the threshold, to 98.700 euros, against the advice of Mr. Sapin.

Michel Sapin said the revenue would be calculated “over several years and not one year,” to prevent a contractor from having to abruptly switch from one status to another in cases of exceptional evolution of the latter.

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