Athis-de-l’Orne: Adolescent Brings a Loaded Gun to College

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Teenager brings a loaded gun to college in Athis-de-l'Orne

The police intervened in a college in Athis-de-l’Orne on Friday.  A 14 year old student is being investigated.

The incident occurred at Athis-Val-de-Rouvre (4300 inhabitants) in the Bocage ornais.  Friday morning, the gendarmes involved in the René-Cassin college. The alarm was raised by a family.  The day before, on the bus, a boy of 14 years showed the gun to a close friend. The principal confronted the student at college, then, having verified the presence of the gun in his bag, called the Gendarmes.

22 calibre bullets

This is a “pistol, loaded with 22 calibre bullets” , says the prosecutor in Alencon, François Coudert. According to our information, it is for the parents of the student. Information that the prosecutor confirms nor denies. It is unclear how the student got hold of the gun.

The boy has explained to investigators that his intention for carrying the weapon was to ‘protect’ himself. When asked from what? ” From third parties external to the college” , replied the mayor Alain Lange, unable to assess the reality of this threat invoked by the youngster. The boy would “not measure the reach of his conduct” . Regarded as “difficult” , the teenager has only just recently started this college, after being excluded from another institution.

Friday night he was presented to the prosecution of minors, in Alencon. He was detained for an examination on the gun. A juvenile judge has placed the student on a preliminary probation, to monitor behaviour. “An educator appointed has been appointed for close monitoring at home” , continued the prosecutor. The academic director of the Orne announced that the student was the subject of a measure of distance conservatory pending a disciplinary hearing.

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