SFR : No box for its New Subscribers

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The new SFR box, delayed to new customers

The time increased from few days to several weeks …

SFR, a victim of its own success?  The telecommunications operator has encountered a supply problem with its new cases that cause serious delays in the delivery of the fibre and DSL box to its customers.  The deadline to receive the decoder is now several weeks, against two to three days before.

The situation is such that a document that has purchased Le Figaro, reveals that technicians for SFR, Numericable now are instructed not to immediately activate the service for new subscribers, so that they can retain access to the internet with their old provider while waiting for their box.

The result of a competitive price campaign at Christmas

This shortage of material falls particularly badly, in a period where SFR is reaping the benefits of a highly effective competitive pricing campaign at Christmas, and where the Internet operator is renewing the fleet of boxes already installed at customers.

A context which also explains in part the requirement to increase decoders, that the stock is not enough to fill. And that is a serious blow to the image of SFR, Numericable, while competition is fierce in the sector.

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