Nantes: A 44 year old Man Tortured and Killed at his Home

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A 44 year old man was found tortured and dead in Nantes

His tortured body was found on December 23, at his home in the Chantenay neighbourhood. Three people, including two teenagers aged 15 and 16, were arrested Thursday.

The day before, her mother had come to his door in vain. On December 23, she entered the small apartment of her son, aged 44 years. No partner or children, he lives alone in the neighbourhood of Chantenay.  She discovers his body dead, bloodied and half naked. A great disarray. Objects have disappeared: computer, phone, wallet …

The police in charge of the investigation will gradually draw the outlines of the horror scenario. Before the autopsy, a first examination revealed that the man had been beaten: head injury, injury to the throat, burns … He suffered multiple abuse. He was sodomized with a broomstick and forced to swallow cat litter. His death is estimated to have been two days before the body was found.

Three people arrested

After investigation by the crime squad, police have arrested a homeless man of 33, known to police as well as a girl of 15 and a 16 year old, on Thursday in Nantes.

“They used to spend time together drinking and smoking”, says a source close to the investigation.  On the night of the tragedy, it appears that as the three companions were drinking when the forty year old made a gesture to move the teenager, which then triggered the attack.  The beating happened between 9pm and 10pm; everyone has admitted taking part in the violence. The man and the two teenagers will be presented to a magistrate today for their indictment for murder and torture and barbarism.

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