Calais: Three Armored Reinforcements to Manage the Migrant Situation

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Armoured vehicles to be used by gendarmerie in Calais

The gendarmes received three “armoured vehicles” …

After reinforcements of men, these new vehicles will offer protection. In Calais, the authorities continue strengthening the system put in place to manage the influx of migrants.

The daily Nord Littoral has spotted the very recent arrival of three armored vehicles alongside the gendarmerie.

Small tanks on wheels

These vehicles, which have the appearance of small tanks on wheels, have not yet been used by the gendarmerie (who, remember, are a section of the military). However, they could be used to support them, especially when it comes to evacuation routes sometimes overrun by migrant groups.

It happens regularly that indeed dozens of refugees wanting to go to the United Kingdom lead concerted actions on some access to the port or the Channel Tunnel, for forced entry.  Armoured vehicles could therefore be used to cover the actions of the law enforcement.

Subject to the agreement of the regional prefect

The use of this type of vehicle is however very regulated for use on domestic soil. The newspaper Nord Littoral said that the regional prefect has to agree to the use of two vehicles and its roles, and that it must also obtain the agreement of the Prime Minister himself.

Just appointed to replace Denis Gaudin, who was promoted in the Marne, the new sub-prefect of Calais, Vincent Berton (who comes from the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur), has in any case one more string to its bow to deal with the ongoing crisis.

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