Lyon: 500 grams of Semtex Discovered in the 8th Arrondissement

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Police discovered 500 grams of semtex in Lyon

The explosive was discovered in the Mermoz neighborhood in a public space …

On Thursday, 500 grams of a powerful explosive called Semtex, were discovered by the police in the district of Mermoz in the 8th arrondissement of Lyon, reports the Friday edition  Le Progrès.

The security forces mobilized in the neighbourhood as part of a struggle against drug trafficking operation, found the goods concealed in a cache on public space.

A non-detectable substance and powerful

This substance, very difficult to detect, is used by terrorists, but also in the field of public works during demolition operations. It is also present in the mines used by the army. The perpetrators of organized crime also use it to access ATMs.

In July 2008, 28 kg of Semtex, an explosive developed in the sixties in Czechoslovakia, were stolen on the site of the Civil Protection Fort Corbas in the Rhône. Investigations are ongoing to determine the half a kilo of explosives found at Mermoz comes from this theft which had caused a stir at the time.

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