Ariege: Fires destroy over 900 hectares

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Fires have destroyed over 900 hectares in the Ariege region

Fires, favoured by exceptionally mild temperatures for the season, have devastated large agricultural areas in Ariège …  

Over 900 hectares of vegetation have soared in smoke in Ariege, according to a report released Monday by firefighters and the prefecture. A fire, favored by an unusually mild weather for the season, tore the department.



No rain since November

If it is “controlled” fire “probably” due to agricultural burning (burning for agricultural purposes) poorly controlled, has spread in almost a week to several sectors of the department, particularly because of the “drought plant “and” exceptionally higher temperatures at altitude in Valley, “said AFP Commander CoDis of the Ariege. It has not rained since November and the snow was maintained at 2,000 meters above sea level, which facilitates the spread of fires.

There are four “hot spots” in Upper Ariege and four others in the Couserans area, said the Christian Lukowicz commander. Firefighters are “on the go”, they are “tired”, he added. About 300 firefighters were mobilized on ten days and reinforcements were sent from neighboring departments of Haute-Garonne and Pyrénées-Orientales.


“No economic or human damage”

“This is a high altitude summer pastures fires, which caused no economic or human damage,” said in the afternoon was prefect of Ariege, Marie Lajus. The prefect took Tuesday an order prohibiting agricultural burning for 48 hours. State services in the Hautes-Pyrenees department took a similar stop until Monday night, according to a statement.

The agricultural burning is prohibited in the summer and is usually done in the fall and early winter, according to Reeve.

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