Nantes: One Dead and Five Injured in the Fire at Formula 1Hotel

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Fire at Hotel in Nantes
Fire at Hotel in Nantes
The fire killed one person, one seriously injured and four others slightly more | Thomas Heng

Last night, a man of 26 years died in the fire at the Formule 1 hotel located in Sainte-Luce. The hotel was evacuated, the fire is now under control.

 Firefighters were called shortly before 5 am this morning to the Formule 1 hotel located at the exit road to Sainte-Luce, on the edge of Nantes.  Upon arrival, the fire was already well advanced, with large amounts of smoke.  The fire started on the ground floor, in the technical block from the hotel.

Fire damage at Formula 1 hotel in Nantes

Soon, firefighters discovered a young man of 26 years had died in the hotel. Then, in a hallway, a person in charge of the hotel was discovered seriously injured, he was taken to the University Hospital of Nantes.  In the course of their research, firefighters rescued  two mothers and two slightly injured children, who were also transferred to the hospital.

One person died at Formula 1 Hotel Fire

The other hotel occupants, 65 people in total were evacuated.  Police investigators are now on the spot to investigate the cause of the fire with the aid of the the firefighters, to see if and criminal charges are to be made. 

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