Hendaye: Customs Officers find more than 300,000 euros Hidden in a Car

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Custom Officers discovered over 300,000 euros hidden in a car
Custom Officers discovered over 300,000 euros hidden in a car
8000 Notes representing a total of over 300,000 euros were seized by customs Hendaye – Customs

Over 8,000 undeclared bank notes, which could come from drug trafficking were found …

Customs officers in Hendaye, announced earlier today that on the 8th October they intercepted a car which had 306,960 euros hidden in a fitted cover in a vehicle heading towards Spain, occupied by a man and two women of Dutch nationality.  Towards 7pm, customs officers on patrol at the Toll road at Maritxu, saw a vehicle registered in the Netherlands with three people on board.  The occupiers say they were going to Spain, for a weeks holiday.  They claimed not to hold sums or securities in an amount equal to or greater than 10,000 euros.

Laundering and breach of the reporting obligation

By examining the vehicle, the customs find that it has been tampered with in order to create an inaccessible cache.  A hatch finally updated under the seats it provides evidence of the presence of bundles of euro banknotes of all values. In total over 8,000 banknotes are counted totalling 306,960 euros.  The dog brigade, specializing in anti-narcotics fight, was also involved in the operation.

The customs service of Hendaye charged the three people two customs laundering offenses and failure to fulfill the reporting obligation.   At the conclusion of the customs procedure, they were given to the judicial police of Bayonne. The National Judicial Customs Service (SNDJ) was co-written.

The procedure resulted in an open exchange of information to a judge of the specialized interregional court in Bordeaux.  The driver of the vehicle was charged and remanded in custody.

Anyone carrying amounts of an amount equal to or greater than 10,000 euros from or to foreign countries must make a declaration to customs.

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