North: The Toyota Yaris, the most French of Japanese Cars

The toyota Yaris is the most french of Japenese Cars

ECONOMY: For the fourth consecutive year, the city car from Toyota, gets the label “Origine France garantie” …

She is now part of the landscape. The Yaris , a small city car of the Japanese Toyota, manufactured in the North, has just obtained for the fourth time the label “Origine France garantie”.

Promote “Made in France”

Awarded by Pro France, the association responsible for promoting the France brand, chaired by Yves JEGO, the precious label serves to guarantee consumers that a product has been manufactured in France according to very strict specifications.

To be certified, a product must meet two main criteria: take its distinctive form in France and that 50 to 100% of the unit cost of this product is acquired in France. In other words, half or more of the components of this product were purchased from French companies.

Since 2012

In both cases, the Yaris at all good, since 2012, date of obtaining its first label. According to the Japanese manufacturer, the city was even the first mass-market vehicle to obtain guaranteed French origin for the French content of its components.

On the Onnaing Toyota site, where the Yaris is assembled, the certifying body spent four days poking around before delivering a positive opinion. And the validation of the specifications is not trivial in terms of business and image: a survey of Ifop , published in 2013, shows that 95% of French respondents consider the purchase of “Made in France” as a citizen act and that this criterion comes third in the act of purchase, just after price and quality.

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