The French average salary is 2,474 euros gross monthly

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Average wages in France

Average wages in France

Purchasing power has increased somewhat in 2014 …

The average wage per head (SMPT) increased by 1.5% in 2014, reaching 2,474 euros gross monthly, according to data released at the end of last week by the ACOSS, the fundraising organization of social security contributions. The SMTP  increased faster than consumer prices (+ 0.4%), allowing a gain in purchasing power of 1.1% for the employees.  As for payroll, it swelled 1.5% to 528 billion euros.

Overall, the employment in the private sector stabilized in 2014, with 6,000 net job losses (-0.0%) over the year. The 1.5 million private companies established in France on average employed last year 17.8 million people, or as many as in 2013, where employment had deteriorated 0.6%.

The industry and construction figures are diving

Main positive point, the amount of temporary jobs increased again in 2014, after two years of sharp decline.  In 2014, ACOSS has recorded 15,000 net new jobs (+ 2.6%) in this sector known precursor of changes in the job . But it is the Interim sector (excluding temporary) who created more jobss in 2014: 47 000 (+ 0.4%), especially in IT and social action.  The service accounts for 70% of employment in the private sector s.

However, “the national employment nfigures are pulled downward by  industry and construction, “two disaster areas that have destroyed 40,000  (-1.3%) and 28,000 (-1.9%) jobs. Acoss also notes in particular a “strong decline in the employment in the automotive sector, “which loses alone 11,500 jobs (-5.2%).

The situation is however not uniform throughout the country.

Paris, always dynamic

In the overseas departments (DOM)the increases are :  + 2.0% in Guyana and Réunion, 1.5% in Martinique, 0.2% in Guadeloupe.  It is also in Reunion and Guadeloupe that the average per capita wage has increased the most (+ 2.4%).

Overseas aside, the Ile-de-France, Rhône-Alpes, Midi-Pyrenees and Aquitaine are “the most dynamic regions.” The capital region has created the most jobs: 13,700, + 0.3%. It is also the only metropolitan area where construction is creator of employment .

Apart from Paris, the job remains depressed in the northern half of France, where eleven out of thirteen regions are losing jobs.  Three areas that are particularly affected are: Lorraine (-1.2%) Franche-Comté (-1.2%) and Champagne-Ardenne (-1.0%).

In the southern half, in contrast, only three of nine regions have destroyed jobs.

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