Dog Show. Nearly a Thousand Dogs in the National Dog Show

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National Dog Show in Chateau Gontier

National Dog Show in Chateau Gontier

This weekend, in Château-Gontier, the festivities of the Saint-Fiacre welcome the traditional dog show.

It has existed for thirty years, and still attracts so many people, with figures rising each year.  The national canine exhibition, organized by canine Maine Anjou Association (ACMA), returns this weekend in Château-Gontier.  And it takes place in two stages.

200 dogs confirmed

The competition takes part in Two stages over Saturday and Sunday, with 200 dogs already confirmed in advance , but it is estimated that over 1000 dogs will attend on the Saturday.  Judges will be looking to make sure that the breeds match the LOF (Book of French origins, which lists all the definitions of the breeds pedigree)


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